A fascination with the arcane, unknown, and forgotten lies beneath the imagery and themes I explore in my work. From the Enuma Elish to the Poetic Edda, I am interested in examining the contours and intersections of cultural, aesthetic, and linguistic traditions in order to understand the structures that underpin the similarities between separate cultures. This comparative methodology is the basis by which I have developed my visual interests, resulting in work that focuses on recontextualizing and reimagining the iconography shared between times, places, and people. This has led me to create work meshing physical aesthetics with digital painting and intertwining visuals and text as a form of narrative development.  


In exploring technique, I’ve kept the work of artists like J.C. Leyendecker, J.W. Waterhouse, and Alphonse Mucha in mind, trying to explore their styles in digital contexts while still maintaining my own voice and vision. In exploring narrative, I’ve focused primarily on the aesthetic and symbolic traditions of Tarot and Oracle Decks, examining the way in which they meld these two elements into a cohesive whole.  


Between these, I’ve focused on distilling and reinventing the traditional iconography, archetypal associations, and narrative contexts of Tarot in order to explore stories in a new way, focusing particularly on the way small, repeated symbols can create meaning and implication in the broader context of a series. Through this, I hope to encourage the viewers to become forensic investigators, constructing their own narratives through the traces and clues that appear throughout my work.