Whether it be strange, old stuffed animals or the bog-preserved deer head in his closet that may have cursed one of his students, Joshua Jenkins loves nothing more than the lost and long forgotten. From the foggy mountains of Snowdonia to the steep cliffs of Big Sur, he has always held a peculiar interest in the tiny, moss-covered stones that line ancient paths and what strange tales they might tell. Consequently, he has set out with a pen, paint brush, and questionable grasp of reality to try and tell those stories.


Drawing from literature, mythology, and messy sketchbooks, Joshua Jenkins dissects the stories we tell about ourselves, from well-documented modern texts to almost forgotten stories from ages long passed. He hopes to learn something about the world and about himself in the process.


Joshua Jenkins received a Bachelor’s in Studio Art from the University of Rochester in 2021, where he was an undergraduate teaching assistant for several semesters. He is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing and plans to teach alongside his art practice.


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